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I have always enjoyed learning about artists' creative processes, their stories, how they get inspired, how they choose melodies and lyrics. So... I assumed you might be curious like me! That's why I joined PATREON a platform that enables artist to share their content with their fans (videos, stories, audios and more). In exchange fans, people like you support them monthly choosing a tier that works for them. Your contribution makes a huge difference to me, it enables me to continue to live my creative life and write about topics that matter to me.. so thank you!

Do you want to have my new single OLTRE on your phone, laptop or other digital device? You can do that here, leaving your email in exchange and - if you want - a small donation to support my art! 

Thank you for your contribution!

Join Patreon and be part of my creative process!

Download WAKE UP for FREE

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Wake up is out! 🌳🔥🌎
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