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With a heavenly vocal stream of only pure waterfall-like loveliness, L E T I takes our hand on leads us into a finer world where the air is clear and we can all live in a place that isn’t polluted with unnecessary waste on ‘Rise‘. (A&R Factory)


Swiss London-based singer and songwriter Leti makes music that encourages turning within.


In her Alt-pop, Leti brings existential inner explorations to life through her atmospheric, electronic beats and contemplative melodies and her authentic soulful lyrics.


The piano is the fil rouge in all her productions. It is often paired with soundscape elements, ambient synths, changes in tempo, jazz-inspired harmonic progressions, and theatrical and playful vocal expressions.


Fascinated by self enquire and finding joy in the mundane, social, and political issues, Leti loves exploring the power of songwriting as a tool for connection and belonging.


Through her studies in vocals and jazz arrangement in Milan, she developed a deep love for the intricacy and variety of music in all its aspects while believing that simplicity is often the key to pure connection among humans.


Now in her MA in songwriting in London, Leti is working on taking her songcraft to the next level and looks forward to sharing new tunes soon.


In 2010 she released Libera and Lately - under the name Laetitia - and participated in the Eurovision selections for Switzerland with The big picture. In 2013, she moved to London - where she is currently based.

Other projects

Creativity is one of my key values in life, and I express it through a myriad of channels. Yoga, Coaching and Design are my other passions. 

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